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Bell/MTS Place - Home of the Winnipeg Jets

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Bell/MTS Place - Home of the Winnipeg Jets



Winnipeg, Manitoba


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MCW / AGE Consultants


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Packaged Rooftop Units, Air Handling Units, Makeup Air Units, Fluid Cooler, Variable Frequency Drives, Heat Pumps, Pumps, Booster Pump Packages, Heat Exchangers, Custom Wall Fin Radiation, Fan Coils, Unit Heaters, Cabinet Unit Heaters


Project Information:

The Bell/MTS Place (originally called MTS Center and the True North Entertainment Complex), constructed in 2003, houses Manitoba’s NHL hockey team. The facility is 41,000 m2 (440,000 sq. ft.) and seats approximately 15,000 spectators. The main spectator bowl is heated and cooled with (4) AAON 230 ton rooftop units and the remainder of the complex is heated and cooled primarily with heat pumps.