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James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

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Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport



Winnipeg, Manitoba


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SMS Engineering Ltd.


Products Sold: Custom Air Handling Units, Chillers, Water Source Heat Pumps, Fluid Coolers, Heat Recovery Units, Pumps, Humidifiers, Computer Room Air Conditioning Units, Reheat Coils, Wall Fin Radiation, Radiant Ceiling Panels, Cabinet Unit Heaters, Expansion Tanks, Pressure Gauges, Flex Connectors,
Project Information: The Winnipeg Airport Authorities new Terminal Building is Canada's newest and 'Greenest' airport passenger facility. The 51,000 sq. m. multi-level terminal is striving for LEED Silver designation and will be less costly to heat than the smaller former facility. The buildings HVAC equipment includes Haakon Custom Air Handling Units feeding displacement ventilation systems, McQuay Heat Pumps and McQuay Chillers.